PSYQUI – Hysteric Night Girl (Hanabasami Kyo Cover)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
45 2
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Mapper: Vekikano

WARNING: Map contains large swings AND crossovers so please make sure your play area is clear and that you swing with caution. If your controllers collide somehow please stop playing immediately to reduce further injury, there’s an extremely small chance of such happening with how I mapped the swings, but it still may be possible and can happen to anyone.

Hope you enjoy this map as much as I like making it!

Original MV:

Original Song:

Hysteric (Expert+) – Endurance Map
Night Girl (Expert) – Dance(ish) Map

Note: This was supposed to be finished almost 5 months ago but I was too busy moving to my new place sooooo it got delayed… Contains slightly old mapping style of mine (Possible remap in the future)

Download the other version of this map with the original song here:

For other maps check out my second account:

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