Camellia – Compute It With Some Devilish Alcoholic Steampunk Engines

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
855 38
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Mapper: Joshabi

From the Album: Tera IO
After what has been almost a years worth of work, trying to get it mapped and into queue,
it has finally come time for this to be ranked! Been a long time coming, and since my mapping
has generally improved since then I have patched up the map to be closer to modern standards
for myself. It may need more fixes so if you spot anything let me know before its too late!

Ranked Status:

Special thanks goes to the following:
Ranked Mod: Complex, Dash
– Complex, huge thank you for the initial mod, I really appreciate it
– Dash, massive thanks for taking it on and getting it queued in the end
General Feedback and Testing:
– Rocker, thanks for feedback on some patterns and angles as usual

Star Estimations:
Ex+: Around 8 star maybe, pretty stamina constant map at 160bpm with big swings
and a lot of semi inverts (thanks older mapping style, rip shoulders)
Ex: Around 6.5-7 star, pretty comfy compared to Expert Plus
Hard: Probably about 5 star, very comfy and bouncy

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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