vermisst – Sokoninaru

Difficulties Expert+
9 0
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Mapper: Blyg999

First song in the new album 7 Ultimate Materials. I love the album and plan to map all of the songs in it. This one will probably be the worst map out of all 7, since I’ll improve as I map.
Mediocre Chroma lightshow. Estimated low 9 star difficulty.

Feel free to contact me at Blyg999#8024 to tell me my map sucks or to tell me that it’s great or to tell me that there’s one thing I need to fix or whatever.

Reuploaded two weeks after release to fix a double directional. Can’t believe I left that in. Sorry to the 6 people who left scores on this leaderboard, although I doubt they care since this isn’t and never will be ranked

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