Difficulties Expert+
6 9

Mapper: Zylinked_

alright uhhhhhhh so the story of the map basically happened when i remastered his dadaganda map he got mad at it and stuff and i asked him if i could make my own, showed him the song and he was like “wtf this is fire” so uh yeah i made it and uhhh i published it ig, btw this is completely original, i did not copy any single bloq placement from any of mawntee’s maps whatsoever! this took me 5:57:27 hours if ur wondering, also i asked a quest noodle extensions tester (Number1S0n)and it completely runs fine on quest, when noodle gets released, yall questplayers can play dis, aaannnnyyyywwaayyysss enjoy the map lmao (its probably gonna be bad)

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