WolfieBeat No Arrows

Auto Click (Feet Saber)

Difficulties Normal Expert
15 1
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Mapper: WolfieBeat

Feet Saber map ported from Dancerush Stardom. Both level 4 and level 8 are included, as well as left/right swapped versions. If you have any feedback, issues, or comments, please feel free to DM me at WolfieBeat🐺#4178. This was a special request from cake#1411.

Optional custom platform modeled after the stage from the arcade


Noodle Extensions – ModAssistant
Chroma – ModAssistant
CustomJSONData – ModAssistant
Heck – ModAssistant
Naluluna Modifier (Feet Saber) –

**The simplest way to play Feet Saber is to fasten your controllers to your feet/shoes. Or you can use trackers instead if you have them.

**Mod Suggestions**

Custom Platforms – https://github.com/affederaffe/CustomPlatforms/releases

**Special thanks**

Naluluna (@nalulululuna) – For creating the incredible Feet Saber mod, and many other great mods

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