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Foo Fighters – The Pretender v102

Difficulties Hard
386 20
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What if I say this is not like the others?

I'm not sure how to answer this question. This one is definitely like the other drummer maps, but it's good, accessible, and not boring.

As with all drummer maps, it's got things you'll either love or hate: repeated same direction hits, simulated hit hats, double hands down... The drum beat is not overly complicated for this song, so this works quite well. The flow is pretty good and most importantly, the mapper managed to insert some variation in the patterns to keep things interesting.

So if you like drum maps and you want to train a bit before tackling Everything will Freeze, this is a good one to start with. And even if you don't like drum maps, this is is still fairly enjoyable as it's not too complicated and flows well.

Mapper: rake5000

Hard |

173 BPM | 863 notes | 4:27 | v102
Lighting inspired by the music video. Updated: easier more fluid version based on player feedback. More feedback is welcome! Enjoy! 😀

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