[RANKED] Diabolic Phantasma – Invasion of Amorphous Trepidation

Difficulties Expert Expert+
247 113

Mapper: dibl

hey besties funny map is back qualified (soonTM) with a whole lot of changes based on lots of feedback
thanks so much burchase for what is probably the hardest expert diff of all time
thanks a ton to denyah and irish for feedback!! !!!
Star Rating
ex+ – 2
ex -4
im just gonna put a full list of changes here since the original qualled version:
-dont look at ex+ njs
-upped njs on ex so no more reverse staircase
-nerfed spacing quite a bit
-changed LOTS of angles
-removed lots of side notes
-removed lot of inverts
-made lots of left handed streams right handed
-made some wacky patterns more playable
-removed herobrine
-made map more consistent as a whole
-made the non removed inverts more wacky
-removed basically all difficult angles in the <260bpm sections
have fun, i really hope you guys like it i put a ton of effort into this, a lot more than i have with any other ranked map ! !
love yall <3

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