[Ranked] [Yorushika Pack] Yorushika – Spring Thief [Chroma 2.5]

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
825 42
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Mapper: AntiLink

This map was modded 4 times and took over a year to get qualified. I hope it was worth it.

This is probably one of my favorite songs. That’s why it is going for rank! 😀
Spotify Wrapped says I listened to it 500 times in 2021. Send help.

Preview by Madly_Tungsten (Expert+):

The video is a little outdated now, the map got reuploaded.

Mapper: AntiLink
Lighter: TG90

Contains beautiful Chroma Lights made by Travelling_Gamer90.

A huge thank you to Uninstaller for patiently modding all three diffs.
Thank you Trolav for your detailled RT mod and patience! I really appreciate it!
Also thanks to Edmard for modding this in his public modding queue! 😀
Thanks to riasuh for the epic QAT mod!

Thanks to all playtesters: Madly_Tungsten, Riasuh, Just, Ceddy, Phyneox, Rocker, totalverzockt and many more!

Discord: AntiLink#1337

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