Warbringer – TheFatRat, Everen Maxwell & Lindsey Stirling

Difficulties Expert+
17 46

Mapper: headspinner496_AKA_livingbodyshield

This is a Map of Warbringer by TheFatRat, Everen Maxwell & Lindsey Stirling

The mapping was done by Wick (www.fiverr.com/wick2000)
The lighting was done by Headspinner496 (Me) (www.twitter.com/Headspinner496)

I’m still a bit new to lighting but I think it’s pretty good!
I also updated it to remove the notes that were out of sync at the start and the ones above the bombs around 2 thirds of the way in (IDK why I kept those in even after playtesting it)

I also made a map with Wick for Love It When You Hurt Me by TheFatRat & Anjulie as well!
I hope you enjoy this map!

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