[HallowStep Pack] StarSplitter – Cold Sweat

Difficulties Expert+
7 0
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Mapper: ForsenCDPogU

WARNING: Some of these songs contain language that some may deem inappropriate, as well as many flashing lights. All the maps in this pack were designed to celebrate Halloween. The songs themselves are not specifically associated with Halloween. However, I chose them based on just how scary/creepy they are, to help us bassheads celebrate Halloween. They all have custom lighting with Halloween themed colors (or at least tried to, orange just don’t wanna work with me) All of the maps’ audio was tested with max in-game volume and max base volume, if you feel the audio is too quiet, then make sure you are on max volume. This pack contains genres such as: Deathstep, Trap, Minatory and Deep Dubstep. Happy Halloween!

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