Livin’ For That – Lil Pitchy

Difficulties Easy Expert+
3 2

Mapper: headspinner496_AKA_livingbodyshield

This is my first Beatmap, I just finished the lighting. This map is now complete, so I won’t be uploading any new versions unless there are major issues in the map (there shouldn’t be but ya never know). (Also, reminder, I am new to making Beatmaps so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!)
Edit #1 added a few more walls.
Edit #2 Fixed all the blind patterns (I think) so it shouldn’t be almost impossible to read the notes at some parts of the map.
Edit #3 finished the lighting after taking forever to finish it.

Here’s my Twitter if ya want it:
And here’s my YouTube as well: https://www.youtube.com/c/Headspinner496

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