riisi 1.1. Balanced Hardcore

beatMARIO – Night of Nights (USAO Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
44 5
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Mapper: riisi

From album “オールナイト・オブ・ナイツ ルナティック”, 2019. Best remix on the album imo. I guess it’s kinda also fitting as a Halloween track considering the characters EoSD roots, but apparently the track itself is from PoFV. I don’t have any 1cc’s so there’s that.

Swing eBPM: 205.00

The map is faster techy midspeed with some bomb resets. I wanted to map this track since it was released back in 2019’s C97, but I had only played Beat Saber for 3 months so I wasn’t really that confident in my playing or mapping abilities. I was reminded of the track when scrolling through beatsaver recently, which prompted me to give it a try too.

Lights with lolighter base. Thanks to A Jhintleman for some initial feedback and Nab for testplaying and feedback.

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