[Beatober 2021] SciFii – Cracks In Paradise

Difficulties Expert
2 0

Mapper: NatiRivers

Welcome to Beatober 2021, where I get a Beat Saber level out every week of October, whether it’s finished and playtested, or barely even done! Why am I giving myself a week instead of doing it daily like other October challenges? Well, I would, but making a Beat Saber map takes quite a while for me! So weekly it is!

We’ve reached the final week. I put out a Beat Saber map for every week of October. I’m pretty proud of myself.

The final map is a song from a friend of mine – and probably my favorite song from him. He was kind enough to give me the album version of the song with different mixing, so that’s pretty exciting! He had no idea I was working on making this a Beat Saber map so uh… surprise!

I only had the chance to work on the Expert difficulty. I wish I could’ve made more, but around Saturday, my arm started hurting immensely whenever I’d do big movements with it. That basically meant I couldn’t play any Beat Saber, and I couldn’t test anything. And I didn’t wanna work on more difficulties if I couldn’t test them. Thought my arm would get better, it didn’t, but I still had to get this out for Wednesday.

I’ll probably make a “full” version in the future. I really like this song and I’d like to experiment with doing more modes for it such as 90 degree and one saber modes. Would be interesting to map.

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