yaeji – raingurl

Difficulties Expert+
55 4
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Mapper: fentonthecux

Techy dance map! 5nps, 16.5 spawn offset, 16 NJS.

I have 10+hrs working this map, it has gone through an absolute TON of renovation and even still its not exactly what I wanted. I’m out of ideas and but I learned a ton so next time I do something like this I hope it’ll be a bit more fully thought out. If I don’t upload it now I might not ever xD

THAT BEING SAID, it’s still an absolute jammer of a song and the map is pretty dang fun as is- so please enjoy and if there is something you want me to polish a bit more just hit me up on discord @FentonTheCuX#0420 🙂

Thanks kilograeme for the song inspiration and Mawntee for all the playtests !!

There is some “vision blocks” and some 90 degree angles but it plays surprisingly well I think! idk. I made a YT video showing it off too so you can watch that or something

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