Konata Izumi アッーウッウッイネイネ [Lucky☆Star x Paffendorf Mix]

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A map to Konata Izumi アッーウッウッイネイネ [Lucky☆Star x Paffendorf Mix], better known as “that song from the Paffendorf Dance meme format,” or sometimes just “The Paffendorf.” If you know the meme, you probably know how the dance is going to start… and what the second half is going to be.

If anyone knows who made this song, PLEASE let me know so I can update the song details. The original website this was uploaded to is now defunct, and I don’t know which/if any of the YouTube uploads are from the original creator. I could just credit Paffendorf, but this song is literally a variation on a variation on a variation of Paffendorf’s Under My Skin, and if you listen to the two side by side it’s hard to find any similarities at all, so that feels a bit disingenuous.

Now a brief history of this song, aka why its name is such an unholy mess.
As you may have gleaned at this point, the original song is called Under My Skin and was made by Paffendorf. This song was later remixed to the Jens O.remix, which was then cut down and sped up, then paired with a short clip the MC from Sumomomo
Momomo (a manga/anime by the creator of Magi) where she was spinning her arms. This version became popular in Japan, and rather than referring to it by its English name, they just called it by the vocalizations the singer sounded like they were making, namely At-Uut-Uut-Ine-Ine. This song was created by remixing that version, but now with sound bites from Lucky☆Star and more vocal layers. The creator of this version named it the name above, which is probably best translated as At-Uut-Uut-Ine-Ine feat Konata Izumi [Lucky☆Star x Paffendorf Mix]. This is a terrible name, but it’s what we’ve got. Then to make matters worse, since this version replaces the vocal line and no longer featured “At-Uut-Uut-Ine-Ine,” it began to be called At-Pu-Pu-Pue-Pue (あっーぷっぷっぷぇぷぇ) before coming back over to America. All this to say, there really isn’t a great name to use for this song, so just remember to look under “K” to find it once you’ve downloaded it

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