velheor 1.1. Balanced Metal

Vildhjarta – Toxin

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
58 3
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Mapper: velheor

Hopefully 3.5 fans of the band who play this game would enjoy this, THALL is back on the menu fam
Play Expert if you are not fond of 240 BPM jump streams

Please let me know if anything doesn’t work well at Velheor#3147

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Comments (2)
  1. AleksCore says:

    It was fun to play this song! Yes I’m one of those 3.5 fans. Seen this band in my city live 😎 Thx for Hard difficulty, as a newbie I would never finish Expert in a nearest time

  2. Griever- says:

    Finally! Yes! Please more from the new album 😀

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