Phase 2

Difficulties Expert+
126 12
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Mapper: BlackBlazon

This map took forever to make… still possible off sync notes that I might of missed and if so ill make sure to update the map later!

This is also my hardest map yet! Come prepared to face a challenge or a fun time!

The song I mapped was created by Toby Fox and remixed by Jimmy the Bassist!

Jimmy remixed the song for the fanmade Disbelief Papyrus theme!

Heres the link to the song –

(p.s im actually dying, this map took my entire day out of me just to fix the offsync issues because chiptune is hard to map… who knew :D)

SOOOOO I found out the reason the song was taking so long to map and it was (drum roll) ON THE WRONG BPM!!! for anyone who dosent understand BPM its basically Beats per minute yeah? Well I had mine set to 143 when it should of been 144! What I didn’t realize till now was that I was 1 BEAT OFF!!! That Very small error was a BIG ISSUE and cost me SO MUCH MISERY because the song constantly wanted me to map it at 1/8th! Which is hell for a mapper since mapping in 1/8 is hella random! In conclusion I wasted a lot of time for no reason other then im an idiot πŸ˜€

(p.s Enjoy a better experience or I murder a mango :D)

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