[Beatober 2021] Said The Sky feat. The Maine – Go On Then, Love

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Mapper: NatiRivers

Welcome to Beatober 2021, where I get a Beat Saber level out every week of October, whether it’s finished and playtested, or barely even done! Why am I giving myself a week instead of doing it daily like other October challenges? Well, I would, but making a Beat Saber map takes quite a while for me! So weekly it is!

This is it – the second-to-last week. I’m already mapping out the last song as we speak, and it’s one that I’m very excited for you to see.

Go On Then, Love is probably my favorite modern Said The Sky release so far. The beat drop is fantastic, the vocals are amazing, and the overall production is something to behold.

I wasn’t sure at first if this would turn out well as a map, but it surprisingly did! I managed to get a playtester for this one, and got some valuable feedback that I implemented. It’s fully mapped, lit, and playtested from start to finish.

Hope you enjoy this map as much as I did working on it! And I’ll see you next week for the last map of Beatober 2021!!

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