Zylinked_ 360 Degree 90 Degree

frist of yeer something eckwinocks askillrecks (shitmap kek)

Difficulties Expert+
6 9

Mapper: Zylinked_

..g h,fhjg,gfh ,..,hgj ,hgf,hg.,gfhd.,fdgh,,.,jh,hj,j,,sgfhfd sfhgh,fg df,gh f.dg,dfgh. ,dfgh. dgf.h. df., hg., dosfghn funsfdg bfsdghkg bfshgd slkfbdont downfalaod also play the one with vibro because thatgst s the onluy erone lolololo also dont click thge question mark on top of the heart in tge game shit loll (Main expert+ mode is for pc users, i made a quest on lawless mode (skull icon) THIS ONLY WORKS ON 1.13.2 QUEST USERS BECAUSE IT REQUIRES MAPPING EXTENSIONS!!!!!!!

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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