moe shoppu lovu tastu is tha weh

Difficulties Expert+
3 12

Mapper: Elevator


Girl taste my love every single last drop
Won’t be satisfied baby till you begging me to stop

Oops there he go it’s that boi again
I mean that cocky mutherfucker all he do is win
I mean that ecchi sister lover, kami sama under cover
Fuck around and break that rubber don’t speak of it like Another

Oh my god that’s too mean
These kouhais on that lean
They say when they hear my voice it’s like promethazine
They fiend when I make em moist drippin through they jeans
So I slurp em up and don’t stop until they clean

Ecchi till I die these imoutos call me senpai
Girl I’m yandere suck your blood till it runs dry
Staring at those legs get entranced by those thigh highs
Been hypnotized so enthralled your moe eyes

Oh my it’s the king of ecchi fangirls worldwide sayin my voice is sexy
I don’t care what you say
I know one things true, they don’t love you like I do

[Chorus: Jamie Paige]
I want your everything, every single part of you
(If you think you can fuck with me, you’re goin’ to lose)
I want to taste your love, anything you want to do
(And I’ll kill you if you try to run, you’re mine and mine alone)

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