Mapper: jafdy

Another noodle chroma map, this one took even longer despite me knowing what I was doing.



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Comments (3)
  1. Absol says:

    possible chance another upload of this song without noodle extensions and chroma support? just bare bones song and notes? asking as a quest player

  2. ctheorson says:

    I just got into downloading custom songs, and I don’t know what I need to do to make this song work. Can I get some help

    1. jafdy says:

      If you haven’t modded your game then that is as intended. This is a map that relies on two mods (Chroma and Noodle Extensions) to work so it has be set up so that it simply won’t run unless you have those two and Song Core installed. If you want to install mods you can head over to the BSMG discord and get started there.
      Of course if you are uncomfortable with modding your game then you won’t be able to play this map. However, almost all of my other maps will run on unmodded games just fine.

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