Eon Break by Virtual Self

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Mystikmol

4 difficulties included (Easy/Hard/Expert/Expert+)

First ever song I’ve mapped that’s longer than 2 minutes!! Porter Robinson has been my favorite artist for the longest time. Once he announced the Virtual Self project, I totally lost it!! Being a fan of IIDX and DDR, I instantly fell in love with Eon Break as soon as I heard it! It’s amazing to see Porter approach different genres and appear in different rhythm games! Another of Virtual Self’s song, Particle Arts, is in the newest iteration of IIDX, Rootage! Special thanks to Moriik for the amazing lighting that does justice to the song, and Kikis for 178!!!!

Eon Break by Virtual Self

BPM: 180-178

Chart Information

Song run time: 3:42


Notes: 260
Obstacles: 0


Notes: 215
Obstacles: 0


Notes: 1011
Obstacles: 6


Notes: 1743
Obstacles: 6

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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