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VINXIS – Sidetracked Day

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Of all the maps that I've played so far, this is one that I revisit from time to time. Rhythm feels good generally, and cube placements matches what the music would suggest.

However, the successive down notes at around 1.50 of the song makes for awkward continuation. Perhaps the mapper used down notes one after another to enhance the staccato synth (which I think is great) that was then followed by the usual up downs. Though, I do feel like it should have continued with the up downs (1.57 in the video below) instead of transitioning back to successive down notes as playing that part felt jarring and takes away from being able to immerse myself fully in the song.

Fun factor for me is a 5/5 although it is highly debatable due to the staggered, blue dot spiral (at 4.54 of video). Personally, it feels in sync with the music and allows for style points IRL :p

Mapper: OrangeW

VINXIS – Sidetracked Day
By OrangeW#1111 and Fayhe#7645

Complex deathstream warning


Good luck!

Updated 22/10/2018 to fix a mismap
Updated again 22/10/2018 to readjust the dreaded Blue Wall
Updated again 31/10/2018 to sort my life out with the Blue Wall

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