Centipede – Knife Party {Mod Chart}

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Mapper: totallyballoon

This is a mod chart of Centipede by Knife Party.

This is a huge project and I really do hope you enjoy. You can give me feedback through discord totally balloon#2735.

All contributors:

totally balloon#2735: This is me! I did all of the note effects and all of the walls except for the intro trees and tarantula.

thelightdesigner#1337: Made ScuffedWalls, the program used to make this whole mod chart and many more to come. Also made the tree/forest scene at the beginning. Gave tips for everything and just helped so much with ScuffedWalls’ bugs.

Feidim#3679: Finished the lighting and helped with inspiration and tips. (Proto Furry)

SpecVR#9344: Started the lighting, but sadly could not finish it.

wobbleorange#5646: Made the tarantula + centipede model at the start that attacks you.

iswimfly#0556: Made several useful things for this chart such as the polygon generator and the circle generator for ScuffedWalls.

raichuian#9498: Made the normal and hard difficulties.

Goji_Crafter#3189: Made a script to fix errors when posting to beatsaver.

Mawntee#6969: Made many tweaks for the map to be more fun and playable.

I think that is all.

Total time: 18 hours in ChroMapper. Around 30 in ScuffedWalls.

Final ScuffedWalls stats:

[Info] Main – [562 Infos]
[Info] Main – Completed in 15.8987311 Seconds

Map stats: (sadly TC removed dl count on 10/25/21, R.I.P.)

Thanks for playing, have a great day! peace

Thanks for 594 likes.

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