Ministry – Everyday Is Halloween (Retro Electro Remix)

Difficulties Expert
0 2

Mapper: FadedStarSlowlyFadingFurther

OK, folks here is my first map! Be Kind… This is IMHO the greatest halloween song of all time, so just in time for the holidays. A few things, yes there are some parts that are not ideal, glad to hear feedback on them but I do have a purpose with these specifically recurring to the no arrow block sections. Also regarding the bombs, just think of them as bats. That was the idea there. Happy Halloween!

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Comments (3)
  1. Awediot says:

    I kinda liked it…an uncomfortable onslaught at moments that could be refined but creative and well timed…and I like how you jump to mapping the sharp vocals. Works well… Keep it up… over-all 3.75/5

    1. FadedStarSlowlyFadingFurther says:

      THANK YOU! Thats really appreciated. I knew when I mapped it and while testing it and waiting for critique that the no arrow sections were gonna bring it down but really appreciate you see the quality in the other sections of the track. There will be more to come for sure and will try to make those no arrow sections more playable!

  2. FadedStarSlowlyFadingFurther says:

    For all yall downvoting would love to hear what yr issues are

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