Oogie Boogie’s Song – VoicePlay [PickleTech]

Difficulties Expert
126 3
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Mapper: techbutterfly

I absolutely love this version of Oogie Boogie’s Song, from the Nightmare Before Christmas. This amazing acapella version was released by VoicePlay in 2019. The entire group is fantastic, but this song in particular features the unbelievably low voice (and pretty high voice, too!) of Geoff Castellucci. If you haven’t seen the amazing video of this song, go check it out on youtube!

This map is part of the PickleTech Halloween 2021 map pack. Get it here:

Expert standard level only.

Big thanks to DeeDee and MajorPickle for playtesting!

If you like this map and would like to find more like it – that is, dancy dance maps – come by and browse our growing list of dance maps for beat saber. If you have some favorite dance maps, come by our discord and suggest them so we can add them to the list! Links to the discord are on the website.

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