We Don’t Play – Disciple // Chroma Mega-Collab

Difficulties Expert+
149 11
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Mapper: tranquillizeme

Chroma Mega-Collab!

Thanks to all these awesome lighters for their awesome work! Please check out their other levels below:

aaltopahwi // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284269
bloo // https://beatsaver.com/profile/1696
checkthepan // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284569
etan // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4235140
firestrike // https://beatsaver.com/profile/3376
jamman360 // https://beatsaver.com/profile/55831
lonely // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4285350
mandynasty // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4286005
nitronikexe // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284201
pixelguymm // https://beatsaver.com/profile/57657
ashad // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284782
taragon123 // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4285128
tranquillizeme // https://beatsaver.com/profile/17131
wildwolf // https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284200

Expert+ Playthrough:

Lightshow Preview:

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