TUYU – If there was an Endpoint.

Difficulties Expert+
35 3
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Mapper: Vekikano

WARNING: Very fast map. DO NOT ATTEMPT if you are not able to do songs above 7 notes per second! Don’t risk your arms, please.


Map Preview:

Hope you enjoy this map as much as I like making it!

WYSI Speedmap Challenge
NPS: 7.27
Jump Distance: 23.727
Mapping time: 7:27

I ran out of time lol so I can’t edit it any further.

For those who don’t want to use the set colors:
-Provided in the zip file is a file named [ Info-nocolor.dat ]
-Delete or rename [ Info.dat ] and rename [ Info-nocolor.dat ] to [ Info.dat ]
-Please note that will likely disable the leaderboard because of hashes. It also might not idk lol

For other maps check out my second account: https://beatsaver.com/profile/4317215

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