Duumu & Slyleaf – Reassurance (Modchart)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: TzurS11

In the past month I’ve been working on this map and im very proud of how it came.

This is my first time experimenting with scripting and I learned a lot while making this map.
I wanted this map to feel different from what I usually do, pouring all my effort into finishing this map as good as I can and you can see the results while playing.
It took me more time than Wait and Shelter combined and I tried to do the best that I could to deliver the best product possible.
I really learned a lot while making this map and expect more maps in the futures 🙂

Thanks for everyone that help me in the prosess of making this map. I really appreciate everything you did and It’s been a good jerony.
You really don’t understand how much you helped me to make this map.
And again thank you so much 🙂

btw sorry for being annoing as fuck swifter and asking 99999 questions everyday 😀


If you have any questions and/or feedback feel free to tell me on discord.
Discord: TzurS11#1111

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