Bear Ghost – Big Town Banky Blaine’s Rockabilly BBQ

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
828 62
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Mapper: brightknight

I may eventually rank this. If I ever find the motivation to downmap it, that’s what’ll happen. I also can’t play this map due to a pure skill issue, but it’s all good (other than maybe some timing problems because my ears are blind to timing)

Thank you very much to GalaxyMaster who did the bpm changes for the bpm slide at the end. It was not a simple slide.

Thank you to all who were involved in the process!
Supermemer –
A Jhintleman –
Reed_4_2 –
Kansas –
AmpereBEEP –
Reddek –
GalaxyMaster –

FatBeanzoop –
Rusty –

Edit 11-17-2021: Added lowers and received feedback from FatBeanzoop. This is going for rank now
Edit 1-9-2022: BBQueue

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