Joshabi 1.5. Speed Speedcore

Camellia – Xronial Xero (Short Ver)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
133 14
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Mapper: Joshabi

A lot of effort went into the map of Xronial Xero that I made a month or so back,
however I never got around to making the lowers. Making lowers for the long version
was pain so in the end I decided to do map the short version, with lowers,
and refine the original map,
So here we are!

This will not be going for rank for two major reasons:
1. There is already 3 Xronial maps ranked (even if one of them is a remix)
2. This was my first map above 330bpm. Why would I rank it lol

Difficulty Estimates
Expert+ (12*)
Expert ( 8-9*)
Hard (5-6*)

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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