SKYND – Columbine (feat. Bill $aber) [Chroma 2.5]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
147 10
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Mapper: Fatalution

Has Chroma lights. Please install Chroma and enable All Effects for the beautiful Chroma 2.5.0+ lightshow.

This jams so hard it’s not even funny. I love SKYND.
I have wanted to map this song since May. This map has been in WIP for a very, very long time. Thanks, 1.18.
160k lighting events (99k after lightID collapse)

Full spread, as per usual. Don’t shy away even if you are a new player, you will find the difficulty suitable for you.
Expert+ is techy. Beware 😀

Lightshow preview:

Gameplay preview:

Additional thanks:
Playtesting: @CheckThePan, @Artjoms, Electrostats, Rocker, AlicaChan, iPixelGalaxy, Sanichello, Dietah, DeeKiy, Approxima.
Mapping advice: @CheckThePan, @a-jhintleman, Electrostats, Rocker,

Enjoy the map. And enjoy the lights.

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Would love to hear your feedback: Fatalution#3973

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Comments (3)
  1. Flavorade_Cyanide says:

    I love this map so much! It’s so hard, I can only play it on hard, when I’m on expert on most other things.

    Please, Please do more skynd songs!!! I’m such a massive fan, this song is a good one but far from my favourite, but it’s one of my most favourite maps (out of over 300) to play.

    Please make more, your maps are awesome!!

  2. Kaylare says:

    how do I downvote from the website?

    1. Fatalution says:

      You can’t do that without playing a map in the game. Otherwise, upvotes or downvotes are meaningless – as the reason for rating the map should only be based on your own experience in the game.

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