Belle – Lend Me Your Voice [Noodle Extension, Chroma] Game – 1.16 and 1.17

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Mapper: HickeyChan

WARNING!!! There are problems with the light on version 1.18! I recommend 1.16 and 1.17

If you are seasick in VR, do not play the “FULL MAP !!!” and “NO rotation (360 °)”. For you, difficulty – “NO flight and rotation”

Also IMPORTANT – do not use custom platforms and notes !!! You will break everything !!! The map is made for the BTS platform. Do not use changing the speed of notes, etc. tweaks … Turn on full lighting! DON’T FORGET – BLOOM MUST BE INCLUDED MANDATORY

If there are performance problems disable “Mirror” in the graphics settings

Forget about score, turn off the interface and just play 🙂

Required mods for the game:

Chroma –

NoodleExtensions –

This is my first noodle map. Have a nice game!!!

Video –

Song – https://music.

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