Vekikano Anime J-Rock

Sweg420 – Shipgirl Quartet (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
13 1
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Mapper: Vekikano

WARNING: HAS OLD MAPPING STYLE!!! Expert+ has weird patterns that could be problematic by today’s standards! This style is not something I will continue in the future (as you can see from my other published maps before this). You have been warned so don’t complain the map is bad because I ALREADY KNOW LOL!

Original Video:

This is the very first map I ever made (The 5th I released publicly) started back in march 2020 (LOL) 4 months after I started playing the game. I’m done tinkering with it as it has taken way too much time (Over 33 hours) and I’m just not editing it anymore I need to remove it from my WIP folder, this is probably going to be my most downvoted map lol.

Enjoy the song at least 🙂

For other maps check out my second account:

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