Vekikano 1.1. Balanced J-Pop

Ikuta Lilas – Hikari

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: Vekikano

“So that you won’t cry alone in the distance
I’ll be the light that illuminates your dark feet
I’ll be the light that lights your dark feet
Don’t be afraid to step out
The sky is the same when you look up”

I love this song so much that I had to map it ASAP. Hope you can enjoy it as much as I do!
OG song [ No MV 🙁 ]:

For those who don’t want to use the set colors:
-Provided in the zip file is a file named [ Info-nocolor.dat ]
-Delete or rename [ Info.dat ] and rename [ Info-nocolor.dat ] to [ Info.dat ]
-Please note that will likely disable the leaderboard because of hashes. It also might not idk lol

For other maps check out my second account:

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