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This is my best interpretation of Herbie Hancock’s classic breakbeats & jazz jam from the album Future Shock, released in 1983.
Like Hancock, I hesitated early on, thinking I should scrap it. Then feedback from Alice and HitMeWithMusic convinced me I had something good here(I hope I “lift” as much as you do, Jose). So after way too many test plays to count and as many hours mapping as learning Chroma lighting, here’s my first full spread map, with two single-saber difficulties, and simple, but focused, Chroma lights oriented around Hancock’s keyboard riffing and the four turntablists’ scratching. Thanks for the inspiration on the laser wobble, Jafdy.
Standard Expert+ is entry level tech.
The rest of the Standard difficulties are balanced.
I tried my hand at Single-Saber mapping because I am one of those “I’m-old-and-too-impatient-to-warm-up–before-playing-jump-maps-and-injured-my-right-shoulder-so-I-can’t-slice-bloqs-with-my-right-arm-for-a-month-or-so-more” types of people. Special thanks to CocoaGalaxy, GalaxyMaster, Kolezan, and Namaki Mono for the tips and recommendations on Single-Saber mapping.
All contributors and test players are in the Contributors list. Thanks, all of you, for your patience, understanding, time and encouragement.

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  1. monstor says:

    # hours in and the first downvote – Would love to know why. What could be better? What sucked?

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