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Mapper: Elevator

Best collab (better then thanos)

On a cloudy night elevator decided to visit the scoresaber graveyard to find his brother dogey. After a bit of a walk he found him October 1st – March 2nd 2021. As elevator stood there crying the water from his tears slowly made his way to dogeys body. With every tear dogey became more awake until he finally realized he was buried. With all the panick he fastly dug himself up till he could see the surface. The second elevator noticed dogey climbing out from the dirt he got an insane adrenaline rush and started going all over the place. Once dogey was fully up from all the dirt elevator immediately went to give dogey a hug, which managed to give dogey a huge boner.

After noticing this elevator got pretty horny. “After 4 months your probably pretty horny” elevator said, “How about i help get the urges away?”. Elevator immediately undid his pants getting dogeys undone as well. “It’s been a while I’m glad this will be our first experience after all this time” elevator said with his face all red. After all of this they couldn’t wait to get started.

Dogey immediately pushed elevator to the ground making him suck his dick at rapid speeds, “mmmmm~” elevator moaned while sucking dogeys cock, “how about we switch to some dogey style”. Dogey started fucking elevator in the ass instantaneously. “Mmmmmmhh you fuck as good as your acc on vibro maps~~” elevator said. “Seems your gonna loose your virginity after all uhhhh~”. After about a minute dogey said “I’m gonna c-cum” then a huge load of cum filled elevators asshole while they cummed together. “Wow after 4 months of inactivity I didn’t expect you to still have it”.

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