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Mianite (feat. Tom Syndicate) (old)

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Mapper: EwanA5py

(Track contains explicit language)
A song made by Modestep, inspired by 2014’s Minecraft series Mianite, started by Syndicate alongside JERICHO, CaptainSparklez, Firefoxx, and the Modestep duo, Josh Modestep & Tony Modestep.

Mianite (song) released alongside the London Road (Bonus Version) album by Modestep.
Composed by Joshua “Josh” Friend & Anthony “Tony” Friend.
Features Tom “Syndicate” Cassell as guest voice.
Can be found on iTunes here: (https://music.apple.com/gb/album/mianite-feat-tom-syndicate/968440539)

Mapped for Beat Saber by EwanA5py.
Outdated version – check for updated version of song. (Link here: https://beatsaver.com/maps/26c50)

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