Eye of the Tiger (Max Mafia Remix) MANTIS/ICEPICK GRIP

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
256 17
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Mapper: baxter395

This is v2. I fixed some cube placement and flow issues I noticed in the original.

3rd map. This is what I call bringing a couple knives to a boxing match. This was designed for a MANTIS/ICEPICK grip of your controllers. While I find it more exhilarating to do boxing style, you can also do traditional style–see below. Video of mantis/boxing style:

This is how I hold the controllers (Vive) for mantis/icepick grip:

The “blade” will be pointed down and at an acute angle to your forearm. The Vive trigger is between my ring and pinky fingers. I like to use the “Bowie” knife custom saber for this map (just for show).

Here’s how it works:

If blue cubes are pointing to the left, you punch with your right hand. If they point to the right, that’s going to be a backslash of some kind. And the left/red saber punches right and backslashes left.

Also, be very aware of your space for this one. I’ve found that I tend to creep forward while playing this map, so you might want to put a rug or towel on the ground so you can feel if you’re getting close to the limits of your play area. Also, you’re punching and slashing away from your body, which is very different than the typical arm movements you’re used to. It often requires some fast and unusual movements and it should REALLY get your heart rate up. (And it’s a bit of an adrenaline rush, too.)


For this one you hold the controllers in standard fashion but the less wrist flicking you do, the better it will feel (in my opinion). Instead, you sweep your arms to slash and the movement carries through as you bring your arm around to ready for the next slash. You cannot assume there will be a cube prompting you to get where you need to be. If you leave your arms/hands in the place the previous cube put it, you’ll have a bad time. Sometimes I’ll do full arm/shoulder rotations for these swings. There shouldn’t be much need for snap movements with this map/style. This is the play style I prefer if you’re going for regular grip, but I’m sure everyone will have their own way of doing it. Just don’t smack yourself in the face.

Expert: Lots of ducking/crouching and faster punches
Hard: Much less ducking and a few modifications to the cube placements
Normal: Very few obstacles and a lot less cubes

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