Camellia – Ghoul

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
682 18
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Mapper: Joshabi

From the Album: UUFO
The song sequel to ghost. I was very bored today. 7 hours for 3 difs.
Quite happy with how Ex+ turned out tbh, probably a smol bit of jank left but
overall I am very very happy with it. Please enjoy it!

3 Difs, was a difficult song to down map and time in places tbh so rhythm choices wise I was a bit unsure whilst down mapping. Though generally I think it turned out fine!

Re-publish #1:
Thank you Checkthepan for the mod, really made some positive changes to the map as a whole!
Thought I’d upload them now since it isn’t going for rank and they were sitting in my WIP folder

Star Estimation:
Ex+: Like 9-10
Ex: 7-8
Hard: 6


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Level Quality0
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