Metal Rock

Chop Suey – System of a Down

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: baxter395

4th map. Special thanks to Kolezan for doing the lighting and helping me out with the audio on this one. He did a great job. Also thanks to Crankor, TurtleSquared, and all my other play testers for multiple play tests and a lot of good feedback. Also this map would not have been possible without squeaksies’ MediocreMapper!

(Expert/Expert+) In the final flow pattern in the last slow section of the song, the corner crouch is meant to make you do a sort of side lunge with that lunging side’s saber swinging out wide behind you for balance. I have found that to be the smoothest flow, though it’s not technically necessary.

(Expert+ only) The “climax” point of each pattern in the ending flow is made to be an optional behind-the-back cross slash. You’ll know it by the dotted cubes in that section. The backslash hand hits the dotted cubes. This move is fun but may take some practice to get down. (Hint: keep your eye on the top diagonal cube.)

Swing those arms for the big hits.

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Comments (2)
  1. Enna says:

    This is my favourite Beat Saber song and I make sure to play it every time I fire up the VR. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on the latest version. I have tried pretty much all recommendations out there and I couldn’t figure it out. Does anyone have any idea on how to make this work? I’m using Rift S.

  2. MzansiSafffa says:

    Looks great, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to work on the Quest for some reason

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