K2 Sound – In a Sleepless Night, On a Waking Night / 眠れない夜に、眠らない夜は

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: XAce1337manX

8th track from 縁紫 -Enishi-, doujin album by K2 SOUND.

Illust: きさらぎゆり


Comfy dancy techy mappy.

Thanks to @KivalEvan and @namaki_mono for playtesting.

Any feedback welcome on Discord: XAce1337manX#9170

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This is another very enjoyable and re-playable Doujin map from XAce1337manX. 

This review is about the bottom 4 difficulties. If you like slow to moderately paced tech with some room for dancing around your play space, check out the ExpertPlus, too.

I was not able to remotely clear ExpertPlus at my current skill level. The saber play is cool, but reading it requires too much of my focus and the "dance" quality of the map is lost to me.

The Easy diff is ideal for new players. Introducing a friend or family member to Beat Saber who is not a rhythm gamer? This is the diff  if they are not familiar with rhythm games and are looking for pop music or high-energy dance tunes.

Normal through Expert are where I had the most fun. All three of these difficulties reward sweeping, flowing swings and moving around the play area.

Normal has many sections that encourage novice players to sway and flow gently with the music, and a great distribution of both vertical and horizontal hits and the rare, well placed diagonal. 

Hard is all dance to me and has a comfortable pace. If you like to dance around and sing along, this is the difficulty for you. Some patterns hint at the technical nature of the upper difficulties, and play very well, flowing smoothly into the next pattern or a short pause in saber-play. 

Expert gives an accessible preview of the more technical style of the ExpertPlus, but still has lots of room to move and lets you stay more focused on flowing through the map, and less time parsing it. 

If you liked XAce1337manX's maps for "Get in the Ring" or full spread "maritumix" maps, add this one to your play list. It's a little more mellow and worth checking out.

Note: Review above is by Monstor, who did not feel comfortable curating the map because the top diff was above his skill level, but enjoyed the lower diffs and chose to review them. I can confirm it is just as fun and represents the music beautifully on the ex plus! ~Maybeemae