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Mapper: musaic

This map is created as a tribute to Jason C. Brooke, he made this music for GO Software’s Ramparts game (Sinclair ZX Spectrum in 1988). ZX Spectrum has only one sound channel, with only pitch change (no volume, no filter, no effects, etc): from this Jason brought out the impossible: just listen to this music. I processed the music based on my own method (making “bass channel”, give little reverb, etc), I hope it sounds good at you too.

Use the Map’s colors and environment.


This Map is an “Adventure Game”, based on the topics below:
· Climb Ladders (00:00)
· Cut Enemies (00:17)
· Run on the Castle Wall (00:25)
· Avoid Falling Rocks (00:42)
· Go to Inner Castle (00:50)
· Creep through the Tunnel (01:55)
· Get to the Throne Room (02:30)
Now Run, the Throne Room is just Waiting for You!

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