Battle Tapes – Belgrade (v2)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
181 8
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Mapper: monstor

“Belgrade” from Battle Tapes.
Remap of my 1st map, with Easy through Expert.

Thank you, Battle Tapes, for giving me the nod to use the song in a map.
Battle Tapes
Battle Tapes YouTube channel
Battle Tapes on Spotify

Special shout outs to Alice, Bytrius, Cocci, HitMeWithMusic, and Vaser for all the coaching, advice, play-tests, and feedback.

Have fun with it and please leave a review, or comment if you are inspired.
Go check out Battle Tapes & give them some love.

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  1. Ravenlock says:

    Would there be any way that we could get the v1 of this re-uploaded so that both are available? My partner was a huge fan of that Expert map, and unfortunately when we upgraded from Quest 1 to Quest 2 it got lost, and now I can’t figure out a way to put it back on the headset for her.

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