WarioWare vs Beat Saber – The Mini Game Challenge

Difficulties Hard
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Mapper: videogamedj

Wario in Beat Saber is a progressive challenge of micro (maps) themed around the WarioWare Inc franchise.

Wario has taken over the Beat Saber and infected it with classic Video Game Soundtracks.. Wario will be doing his best to make the challenge more difficult as you progress.

See if you can make it through the 15 levels and reclaim Beat Saber back to normality.

Welcome to Warioware – Intro_
Sonic Adventure – ‘Welcome to the station’(Dreamcast)
Twilight Princess Trailer Theme (Wii/GC)
Tetris – ‘Theme 3’ (Gameboy)
Castlevania Bloodlines – (SNES)
Sonic Mania – Greenhill Zone
Super Street fighter 2 – Ken Vs DJ – (Arcade)
Legend of Zelda – Legend of Zelda
Metal Gear Solid 2 – THEME (PS2)
Ghouls N Ghosts – Graveyard (MD & SNES)
Uncharted – Drakes Theme (PS3)
Super Mario Kart Donut plains (Super arranged)
Soul Calibur – Duelists ‘Mitsurugi Theme’ (Dreamcast)
F-zero – Mute City (N64 Versionl)
Shinobi 3 – Rush and Beat (MD)
Sonic 3d Blast – Green Grove Zone (Remix)

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