Vylet Pony – Honeymoon Phase [Chroma Plus]

Difficulties Easy Normal Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Zyxi

LimeranceEnvironment (Monstercat)
Hello tech players, and to all non-tech players! I present waltzcore.

This map was really interesting to do when it was entirely in thirds as it gave me so much variety, and strange ways to make flow work. I also believe that this genre of music can bring new light to mapping. I’d like to thank everyone for those who’ve test played it, and the support that I’ve received while working on it.

If you really don’t like tech, try Easy or Expert difficulties (mapped by Fatalution)
Preview of Expert+ by LSToast:

Testplayers: Cinni, Mawntee, Zion, Jamman360, Swifter_1243, nyri0, Narttu_Dessee, Artjoms, Fatalution, and Jhintleman
This is for anyone that cares about the background of this map, and what challenges I faced.

This is a map that I’ve been emotionally attached to these last 6 months, and when I was mapping I’ve started to grow depressed. The lyrics were related to what I was experiencing at the time; and In a way, I was mapping to specifically impress someone, which I learned didn’t make me happy to do, and I think no one should ever do. I’ve found it pleasing to create things for myself in order to improve, and I’d like to think that I’ve become a better person in doing so.

This is only one out of the other songs that Vylet made that has affected me this much, and I’d appreciate it if you did check out more of her work. I initially started the map with the purpose of getting more people to hear more of her music.
If you’d like to hear more, Please check out her songs at-

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