Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon – Drilibur Coal Mines

Difficulties Hard
8 2

Mapper: JayTheNeither

Hello people this is my very first map, i made this map because no one tried making one so i decided to do it my own way. mapping may be outta place in some parts but if you say something about the mapping go ahead and i will improve as time goes on.

For the record this map the first time i mapped it, it had some terrible mapping.
patterns would switch too much. notes would go inside each other, it had very bad mapping.
Well i guess that’s what you get from testing the map and seeing how it holds up -_-‘

This song is from the game Called Pokemon Super mystery Dungeon. aka the dungeon i liked the most out of all the dungeons i faced later on.

I will be making other maps in the meantime so uhhh…later!

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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