[Soup Cartel] ReeK – Padoru Fucking Dies In A Multigenre Death Loop

Difficulties Expert+
59 7
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Mapper: soupcartel

It has been a long journey but here we are –
Big thanks to Altrewin for testing, Rusty for modding, and all 22 mappers and testers at Soup Cartel for feedback.
Expect a lot of future collabs
(Hint we are always looking for more lighters if you are interested)

Rank (For Rank)
A whole 7 mins and 55 seconds of Multi-Genre Padoru Death –
Brought to you by Soup Cartel

NJS: 22.5
Jump Distance: 20.65
SPS: 7.36
BPM: 127.7 to 300 over!!! (96 BPM changes)

Feel Free to reach out to any of the mappers listed below with feedback for this map as a whole or DM Night Xrose#9817 on discord
(we are also looking for more mappers, testers, and modders)

Sections Listed by in editor beat numbers (Done Using ChroMapper):
0 to 145 – BrightKnight
145 to 329 – DFeth
329 to 585 – Cat Using A Toaster
585 to 729 – 3Stans
729 to 889 – Night Xrose
889 to 1022 – GalaxyMaster
1023 to 1258 – A Jhintleman
1258 to 1386 – Lobsterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
1386 to 1598 – Spicy Baguette
1598 to 1762 – dibl
1762 to end – Night Xrose

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