Sabaton – Aces In Exile

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Mapper: dnq

If ya thought I was gonna map some PowerMetal songs and not get to Sabaton, you’re crazy.

This song’s from a few albums back for them, but it’s always been one of my favorites. It’s about the Battle of Britain, except the focus is on Polish/Czech/Canadian volunteer pilots. Most of them (except the Canadians) couldn’t go back to their home country during the war for German reasons. And they were pretty good at being fighter pilots, so- Aces in Exile.

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Comments (2)
  1. La La Lady says:

    AMAZING!! Please more Sabaton, we don’t got enough of it ☺

  2. sweboii1 says:

    hi so im a big fan of sabaton so this is super good
    just waw yes. but i have a request if u can to the defence of moscow or and the new steal comander when it drops! like if u do this ill go crazy! much love from a swedish lil boii

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