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As a reimagined version of “Light”, a track previously featured on their Renaissance album, the most hated progressive metal outfit provides a lovely hybrid of smooth dual-guitar riffs and EDM-inspired production influences, sparking a nice blend of synthetic and acoustic arrangement styles into what would eventually influence their future discography. Have fun, and shred lightly.

Irahi – Tester (Expert+)

This map uses custom colors as implemented through SongCore. If you believe that the colors used for the map would hinder your playing ability, you can disable this behavior in the Mod Settings of SongCore, via the option labelled “Allow Custom Song Colors”.

Man, sure doesn’t feel like two years have passed since I first joined the mapping community. Especially since my mapping style has so drastically changed throughout this year alone, going from a unpolished wannabe tech mapper to a somewhat recognized quality full spread mapper. Even though I’m not as active as others, I genuinely appreciate you all for giving me a name in this community, whether you think my maps are fun or you’ve never heard of me until now. You guys give me the motivation to put the time and effort into this weird little hobby project, so I’ll keep trying to top myself and give you guys some more banger maps in return. Love y’all. ❤️

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